Document Folder


This is a practical and useful document folder with a lot of pockets.

The model is not mine, but I’ve found it somewhere on the internet in the early 2000s and can’t find the original source. I’ve drawn and written the instructions from scratch by looking at a model I had folded back then.


You will need a rectangular sheet of paper.

The size of the fold at step 3 will be size of the spine, and will also regulate how much overlap there will be at step 7 to hold the folder together.

Some size suggestions:

  • A4 paper with 1.5 cm fold: good for A8 paper and 85 mm * 54 mm business cards;

  • 60 cm × 40 cm with 4 cm fold: suitable for A6 paper;

  • 50 cm x 70 cm with 4 cm fold: suitable for A5 paper.


  1. Fold in half on the long side, crease and reopen.

  2. Fold in quarters, crease and reopen.

  3. Fold down the top and bottom edges a bit: this will be the width of the spine.

  4. Fold down the four corners to touch the quarter creases.

  5. Fold down the top and bottom edges, following the quarter creases.

  6. Mountain fold the side edges; turn over the model.

  7. Insert the left side in the triangular flaps of the right side.

  8. Fold in half on the remaining crease.

  9. Turn conterclockwise 90°, done.